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Why Pregnant Women Should Not Use Garcnia Cambogia

Most women get concerned with the high amount of weight gain during pregnancy. Therefore, they result to use weight loss products to regain back their old shape. One of the supplements they start using is garcinia cambogia extract. According to, this supplement should not be used by women in such condition. However, this is not the only supplement they use. It is advisable not to use any weight supplement if you are pregnant. This is the same case with breastfeeding mothers. When a woman is pregnant, there are a lot of activities taking place in her body. Therefore, you need to eat more food to deliver essential nutrients to both the child and mother.

Garcinia cambogia extract is very effective. The effectiveness of this product makes it unsuitable during pregnancy. You can use this
supplement after breastfeeding stage. These are reasons why youpregnant woman garcinia cambogia 1should not use it:

Suppress Appetite
This is a main benefit when it comes to people who want to lose weight. The extract can suppress weight and thereby to make a pregnant woman eat less. However, a pregnant woman is required to eat a lot of healthy foods as recommended by nutritionist or obstetrician. Failing to follow their recommendation can cause serious health problems to the baby.

Fat Burner
You require a lot of energy during pregnancy. This is necessary to boost you through this tough times. Stored fats in the body act as energy banks needed throughout the pregnancy journey. In addition, you ought to maintain the right amount of energy stored particularly when you are nearing labor.

Decrease nutrients for your baby
Since this extract is very effective in helping your burn calories and converting the same into energy, there is a likelihood that you are depriving your baby nutrients needed for development. Research is pregnant woman garcinia cambogia 2ongoing about this product and its effects on pregnant women. It is better to stay safe without using it during those periods. During pregnancy, you should take of your stillborn baby and yourself.

The only benefit this product has for pregnant women is increased serotonin secretion. This chemical makes a person feel good. Therefore, a pregnant woman will feel happier, which is good for the baby. However, the side effects of using it during pregnancy make it unsuitable for use. Also, during this period women are discouraged from using any weight loss supplements. Always follow the advice offered by your doctor or nutritionist.