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Physiotherapy and Massage

Physiotherapy is aimed at helping in the restoration of normal body function as well as the movement in the event of injury, disability and illness. Additionally, it is used for the treatment of specified problems and it can be used as a measure of improving upon a person’s general wellbeing that a healthy weight be maintained in conjunction with a regulated exercise regimen. You can find a physio and massage clinic if you look online.

How Does Physiotherapy Work?Physiotherapy 09

Physiotherapists tend to take a holistic approach as opposed to simply focusing on the individualized factors of illness or injury. You are treated in a way that directly involves you in your care throughout every step. As an example, back pain can result due to any of the following:

· Incorrectly carrying or lifting of objects

· Standing for extended periods of time

· Overstretching

· Awkward twisting or bending

· A spinal deformity that has been inherited

· Posture that is poor

Physiotherapy 14In regards to the treatment of the back pain, a physiotherapist will take into account your individual situation. While treating the problem, it may be suggested to you daily measures that will relieve the discomfort and pain associated with it. You may also find yourself advised in regards to the prevention of a recurrence of the injury. For instance, lower back pain can be alleviated with core stability exercises as well as good posture. The core stability muscles will allow for the strengthening of the muscles of both the lower back as well as the stomach offering better support for the lower back.

A wide range of treatment approaches and techniques are utilized by physiotherapists. The most commonly used are defined below.

Exercise and Movement
Therapeutic exercises are designed for both the strengthening of the area affected as well as the improvement of mobility. These exercises will need to be repeatedly each day for a set amount of weeks. In addition to exercises, activities that have been deemed “gentle” (swimming and/or walking) are often suggested for those that may be recovering from either a sports-related injury or a surgery that may have negatively affected mobility.

For those that are suffering from mobility issues that have resulted from a stroke, etc. it may be recommended that they embark upon targeted exercises. For instance, studies have indicated that circuit class therapy is effective in regards to post-stroke rehabilitation.

Manual Therapy Techniques

Physiotherapy 17
This is an approach that is hands-on utilizing techniques (or massages) that can mobilize soft tissues and joints. This is a method that is optimal for the vast majority of people and is utilized for the following:

· The improvement of movement of a variety of body parts

· Assisting in the drainage of fluids from parts of the body

· Blood circulation enhancement

· Pain relief