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Different Types Of Orthodontic Treatment

Orthodontic is a word that originates from Greek words “orthos” that means straight or perfect, and “odous” that means teeth. Orthodontic treatments are meant to help patients control the growth of their teeth. The treatment ensures they your teeth is not misaligned.

Treatments for crooked or misaligned teeth requires the use of various dental appliances such as braces, headgear, or palate expanders. Professionals also offer jaw surgery. However, this isorthodontic treatment 1 only done in rare cases. In this these procedure, they reconstruct teeth and jaw. These are the popular orthodontic treatments:

Preventive Treatments
These are treatments that are meant to prevent the development of misalignments. It improves conditions for your tooth to grow naturally. For example, if a baby tooth falls out early, this preventive treatment is meant to keep permanent tooth to grow. This provides adequate room for permanent teeth to grow. The other example is to remove baby teeth, which does not fall out and allow permanent teeth to erupt normally and grow.

Interceptive Treatments
Orthodontic specialists offer this treatment when dental problems start to develop at early ages. In fact, these treatments have a lot of similarities to preventive treatments. However, they are applied to patients with signs of developing misalignments. Application of palatal expanders is meant to adjust the jaw to allow teeth to fit in.

Comprehensive Treatments
These treatments are meant to focus on correcting occlusion or developed alignment problem. These treatments make use of various dental appliances such as braces and headgear to realign orthodontic treatment 2teeth. Traditionally, these appliances looked bulky and uncomfortable. Nowadays, these appliances are “invisible” and offer several benefits as compared to normal treatments. You will also find braces for adults. However, fast-acting and invisible braces are very expensive than the standard braces. They are ideal for adults and teenagers who prefer to avoid getting jokes at work or school.

Surgical Treatments
Adults can have more difficulty in correcting misaligned teeth and jaws than teenagers and children. Orthodontic surgery is usually the last resort after other orthodontic treatments have failed to work. The procedures can treat various problems such as recessed or protruding jaws, which cause breathing problems to patients.

The main reason people go for orthodontic treatment is the ugly appearance of teeth.You need the services of dental experts to help you with your orthodontic treatments.