Cellulite 20


What is this orange peel syndrome?

Cellulite or the cottage cheese is a skin that affects a whopping 85% percent of women and girls; it also affects some men. It occurs under the skin of the thighs, buttocks, abdomen, upper arm and breasts. The affected areas develop unsightly lumps that are not so good to look at. Arts by artists from the 16th century have depicted the existence of cellulite at that time as evident in their art; the only difference is that during that particular time, they were considered as beauty marks. This type of skin condition spares no one. It has no limitations.Cellulite 17

What are the causes?

· For a long time the belief that estrogen hormone found in the body of females is the biggest contributor has not been proved. Skin specialists have argued that the condition has very little to do with the skin because it has to do a lot with uneven stretching of the skin. This happens when someone rapidly gains weight, the same happens to an individual who suddenly lost a considerable amount of weight. Not all individuals who suddenly lose or gain weight develop the orange peel syndrome, it all depends on an individual’s type of skin, and it’s elasticity. The not so elastic skins tend to suffer the condition more.

· Poor blood circulation and water metabolism in the tissue connecting the skin to the muscle leads to fluids being trapped in between the fibrous tissues. The formed strands have the ability to tighten up in turn compressing the local fats, and this shows on the skin like dimples.

Cellulite 18· Another factor is the modern day lifestyle- smoking, alcohol consumption, obesity and lack of exercises are recently developed habits that have been natured by the modern lifestyle. This does not mean the habits never existed before; it is just that they have been so common to the level that they are now normal.

Contrary to many beliefs, cellulite also occurs in women with less weight, and there are some obese people do not have them. Like discussed earlier, it all depends on someone’s skin. There are different stages of cellulite. They are divided into four grades;

· Grade 1- not visually present but developments can be noticed when an area of the skin is looked through a microscope.

· Grade2- is barely noticeable.

· Grade 3- it has an orange peel appearance.

· Grade 4- this is the worse stage with lumps and dimples that are even painful to touch.

Every victim of cellulite works tirelessly to get rid of them from the time they are noticed. Every woman wants to have a body fit for the bikini. There are various treatments have been claimed to get rid of cellulite, but the truth is only 10% of them work. It is important to identify the true remedies instead of just jumping on any.