Smoking Benefits

smokeCan smoking benefit your health?

We all know the adverse health effects of smoking. But is there a silver lining, if even a small one? Can smoking benefit your health?

Tons of research is done on the effects of smoking every year, and surprisingly, sometimes good things show up.

Health professionals would never suggest smoking as a treatment or to supplement your current regimen, but one can’t deny that smoking is not entirely bad in some cases. For example, studies suggest that people who smoke are less likely to develop the symptoms of Parkinsons disease.

The exact correlation is unknown but it’s clear that something happening in the bodies of smokers is having a clear effect on the disease. Another link has been made between smoking and a common heart medication. A chemical in cigarette smoke seems to ramp up the effectiveness of the drug clopidogrel. smoke3Researchers at

Harvard University published a paper in 2009 suggesting that smoking at least 10 cigarettes a day would have a positive effect on the drug in the body. Keeping with the heart, researchers suggest that smokers respond better to plaque removal therapies after having suffered a heart attack. Mortality rates among such patients are much lower than in non-smokers and doctors can’t offer a valid reason as to why. Some speculate that it is because smokers generally suffer heart attacks younger and so have age on their side, but a definitive answer is still unknown.

Aside from the big medical benefits of being a smoker, there are also small everyday benefits that can be seen regularily. Being a smoker usually comes with a certain lifestyle as well. Athletes generally don’t smoke, which means all the hazards normally associated with sports and a physical lifestyle can be avoided.

Hazards such as knee or hip injuries. Smokers are much less likely to require any kind of joint replacement surgery as a result. Another suggestion is that smokers may be more equipped to survive a house fire as the level of carbon monoxide smokers bodies are able to tolerate is greater than in a non-smoker, affording them the few extra minutes they may need to get out and get to safety.smoke2

As we can see, even bad habits can have some benefits. Can smoking benefit your health? Not in the usual sense, and doctors would never prescribe smoking to their patients, but researchers are continuing to study the effects and possible benefits of smoking. Not only to find out how our bodies react, but to find possible healthier alternatives as well.