Drinking Cola

sodaCan drinking cola make you fat?

Yes. Soda is among the primary obesity causes. If you want to reduce your wait, you should consider reducing your soda consumption and within a few weeks, you will note a considerable difference.

Soda addiction

Soda accounts for more than a quarter of all beverages consumed in United States. Children begin taking the drink at the toddler age. Soda adds more sugar to the body than a combination of cookies, candy and ice cream. Apart from the high sugar content, soda also contains lots of caffeine. The two chemicals are the major causes of a lifelong addiction to the carbonated drinks. As children grow, soda availability also grows since organizations like schools make the drinks readily available.

Does soda make you fat?

Soda is rich in calories although it has no nutritional value. They highly contribute to tooth decay, diabetes, obesity and weakened bones. In addition, they contribute to the reduction of vitamin A and magnesium in the body. The two nutrients are essential in body weight reduction. High soda intake also has profound effects on taste buds.

There are researches which indicate that soda including diet soda can make you hungrier due to the artificial sweeteners that make the brain to claim more food. This can prevent you from reducing weight. Furthermore, a study conducted at the University of Texas proved that soda consumption contributes to weight gain with more than 41 percent.

Experts suggest that a glass of cola in a day can add 24-35 pound of fat in a year depending on your age, body size, and habits. Individuals weighing 140 pounds reported having lost 20 pounds of weight after giving up 2 cans of soda in a day and without engaging in any workouts within a period of six months.

To reduce your weight within a short time, you should reduce sugar intake, engage in exercise, drink lots of water and eat fruits and vegetables. Reducing your soda consumption from two to one glass in a day can enable you lose 16 pounds in a year.

The carbonation

There are people who go for seltzer or soda to alleviate stomach upset. This works but temporarily.soda2 Carbonation binds to cells. This slows down fat loss in the body and therefore it becomes difficult to lose weight. Further, when you ingest carbonated drinks you will be ingesting air. The drink may have a tingly taste but by ingesting air you will bloat your gastrointestinal tract. This slows down your digestion which is a significant factor in weight loss.

Can drinking cola make you fat? Considering the facts, it can make you fat and you should reduce its consumption.