Common Types of Back Surgery

Back surgery is occasionally performed to treat back pain, despite the fact that this choice seems to be difficult. Make sure you see an expert for back surgery in New Jersey to get the best services. Unfortunately, back pain (especially lower back pain) and other back conditions are very common.

Currently, there is a wide range of non-surgical options for treating back pain, which include taking painkillers, psychological therapies, and, of course, engaging in regular physical exercises. Typical, back surgery is considered only after all the above mentioned back pain treatments options have failed to provide relief to the patient. Even then, it is unfortunate to report that surgery does not necessarily provide significant relief fjhdjfhsfsfgand improvement for everyone.

Similarly, while the risks associated with the above surgery are low, they can be too serious for some people. Furthermore, the level of risk also varies depending on the type of back surgery. The good news is that your surgeon will aid you identify these risks and advise accordingly. But, what are some of the common types of back surgery?

Common types of Back Surgery

1. Spinal Fusion

The above surgery is very common for back pain where spinal bones (commonly referred to as vertebrae) are joined. Under this operation, spinal bones will be restricted from the normal motion. Also, spinal fusion restricts the stretching of nerves.

2. Laminectomy

Laminectomy is another common type of back surgery where some parts of the bone, ligaments, or bone spurs are removed in the back. This is done to relief pressure that has accumulate on the spinal nerves, which otherwise could cause weakness and back pain. However, the above operation may make the spine to less stable.

3. Interlaminar Implant

Interlaminar Implant is an alternative to the Spinal Fusion, where a U-shaped device is placed between the two backbones, mostly in the lower back. The procedure is conducted to relief excess pressure on the spinal nerves. The good news is that the above procedure does not restrict motion, and the spine is completely stable.

4. Foraminotfhhdgjhjfgomy

Foraminotomy operation is a case where a bone at the sides of the vertebrae is cut away to widen the space where the nerve roots leave the spine. The enlarged space helps to relieve excess pressure on the nerves, hence relieving back pain. However, the above procedure reduces spine’s stability.

The above are the major types of back surgery commonly conducted if other back pain relief options have significantly failed. As stated previously, there are various risks associated with each option. Talking frankly with your esteemed surgeon can help you know what exactly to expect from the back surgery administered.